Sunday, 18 December 2011

More Papercutting Commission

Hello there...

Recently I make more papercutting works than painting. New interesting works for me. And basically I'll do any work that gives me money. Hahaha
This time I did papercutting commission from a lovely lady called Adriane. She asked me to make three pieces of papercutting based on the story she wrote.

Here is the papercutting #1:

and papercutting #2

She got a great idea by connecting the story for papercutting #1 and #2. If you put those works together, you will get this one. They are now connected and they tell a story. Can you guess what it is about? :)

#1 and #2 connected together

And here is the last piece. It simply portrays two characters she made.

Hope you all enjoy my work! For commission info, please go to this link and do not hesitate to contact me at


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