Saturday, 28 January 2012

Got a DD on DeviantArt

Book of Ideals

Hello, everyone out there in whatever galaxy you are!
I just wanna tell you that I got Daily Deviation (DD) on DeviantArt yesterday (Friday, Jan 27th). That means my chosen work will be featured on the site for a day. Which work is it? Apparently it's my papercutting-bound-into-book work. Yes, it is Book of Ideals, the artwork that I made for Ideals, the four-piece-band from London, UK. Got a DD means that everyone who visit the site most likely will see your work. That means more views, more comments and more favorites.
On the artist's description in my submission, I have put the link to Ideals' Significant Other video on YouTube. Hopefully the more people see my deviation, the more people will see the video too. And I hope some of them will like their music and find out more about them.
I checked the video out again yesterday and as long as I remember, it had 8,900-ish hits. I forgot the exact number of views. Then, I checked it out again just now and it has 9,099 views! More than 100 views in a day is not bad, isn't it? Hopefully my artwork helps the raise of number of people who watch the video. Mmm... Okay, I actually not 100% sure about it... maybe the video is more famous than that and get more than 100 views a day...? Who knows? Maybe it has nothing to do with me.

Because of the DD, I got tons of comments on this work. One of them has become my favorite. Here is the link. Or if you're to lazy to click it, just look at the picture below. I have captured the comments and my replies.

Some comments on my work

Apparently a guy on DA (I think his name is Daniel) thought that my Book of Ideals is the kind of marketing that he wish he had for his band. No no no... It is not any kind of marketing for the band. I said to him that I made it simply because I love their music. That's all. As simple as that. I made it with all my heart and patience. It was my first papercutting ever. I made several mistakes, but it turned out that I can finish it (almost) perfectly.
Back to the comment. Daniel said I just earned a ton of free publicity with this DD and he's gonna check Ideals out. Another guy on the comment said that the band must be very happy to have a friend like me. Well, guys... thank you so much for your comments. I don't know how they feel. I don't know whether my work gave them ton of free publicity. They must be still great without me. I also don't know if they are happy to have a fan and friend (If they consider me a friend) like me. Let them decide...

After I knew that I got this work featured, I instantly told them on twitter. There is no reply. That's okay. Maybe they haven't checked their twitter since it seems that they are only active on Facebook. And currently, my Facebook account is being deactivated. So, hours later, I texted one of the band member (I won't mention which member as I am afraid my word will cause any misunderstanding about something or anything... or whatsoever). I told him about this DD. Told him about the link to their video as well. And told him that I have posted the link on my twitter. Mmm... There is still no reply. That's okay. Maybe he hasn't checked his phone or maybe his phone is lost or maybe something happened that make him not able to see the message.

So... It seems that the band don't care about anything I said about my work. Or maybe they don't get my message. Or... I just don't have idea what is really happened. The most important thing to me is... I sincerely made this work for them. I even gave the original work to them. I love their music always and happy to be able to know them. This DD actually makes more people see my art. I am grateful for that. Maybe I just got too excited if I have any news related to Ideals. And maybe I should stop being too excited. Well... I don't know. I have no idea what to do next.

PS: If there is anyone who reads this blog entry become misunderstand or misinterpret or misconception or mis-whatever, I am sorry. I have tried my best to write it as normal as possible so there will be no misleading into any different topic, such as—I don't know—err... relationship maybe.... Who knows...?

I posted about Book of Ideals got DD on my tumblr. And I just knew that it got featured on #Crafts. Wow! It makes me wonder is it work really that good? Because honestly I don't feel that way. Or maybe I just underestimate my own work?


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